Executive services



One-to-one Individual coaching for professionals:

You work hard, your time is limited. You want quick and easy answers to your health and wellness questions. You want a confidential service tailored to your needs. You want to balance your hormones and your blood sugars to maximise your energy levels. You want to get a good night’s sleep and wake feeling refreshed every morning. You might want to improve your relationship with food and your body.

Our bespoke executive service offers you simple, positive steps to better health. We can visit you at your workplace, offer you a one-off consultation, or a tailored coaching programme over 4-6 weeks – reducing your stress and minimising your burnout.

We don’t do calorie counting or weighing scales. We don’t focus on weight loss, though that is often a side-effect of improving your health. We focus on getting you feeling good in your skin and dealing with your stress in a proactive way. We can take the thought out of your meal choices, providing recipes and meal options for eating out or cooking at home.

Contact Niamh O’Connell on 086 104 7417 today to discuss how she can help you.


Corporate Workplace Solutions:


Our popular Beating Burnout corporate programme This 4-part programme covers nutrition, sleep, exercise and stress management for professionals. Can be delivered in a full-day, half-days or lunchtime talks.

Beating Burnout: Strategies for executives  (click for brochure)

Nutrition: What to include and what to avoid in your diet to minimise stress. Blood sugar balancing. Suggested meals and simple breakfast / lunch recipes. Making healthy choices when eating out. We offer healthy eating demonstrations for the workplace, focusing on low sugar, seasonal and organic whole foods. Please contact niamh@thewellnessclinic.ie for more details.

Sleep: Strategies to promote healthy sleep habits. Natural sleep aids. Re-setting circadian rhythms. Breathing techniques to calm the nervous system. “Brain dump” journalling.

Exercise: Benefits of exercise on mental and physical health. Including gentle daily exercise into a busy schedule. Yoga class available. Choosing the right form of exercise for you.

Stress Management: Effect of stress on mental and physical health. Identifying personal triggers. Management of stress. Anxiety disorders and when to seek professional help. Mindfulness techniques.


15385261_10155607155232796_4144562869970001135_oCorporate wellness is a buzz word these days with good reason. Implementing wellness strategies can lead to a decrease in employee sick days and a healthier and happier workforce.

The Wellness Clinic offers comprehensive corporate wellness services for businesses:

Corporate wellness analysis:

An overview of your current provision for health and wellness in the workplace. We send you a self-assessment tool which you complete and send to us for analysis. This is then followed up with a visit to your workplace to see the set-up you have for employee wellness, including your staff kitchen and lunch rota. If you provide food for employees we can advise on nutritional content of the menu. We work with you to ensure employees needs are met in the workplace and provide suggestions for additional improvements.

Corporate wellness days: 

We can cater for groups of up to 40 employees in our purpose-built holistic health centre in Dublin 8, off Cork Street. A full day includes lunch for attendees, nutrition and lifestyle presentations, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, with lunch and tea breaks included.  A half-day includes one wellness presentation with food demonstration, one mindfulness session and a tea break. Your employees will gain knowledge in self-care and nutrition, stress reduction and relaxation.



We are available to give a range of presentations on various topics, please see our Events and Talks page. We can come to your workplace and deliver it in a lunch break, or create a more comprehensive event including food demonstration and tasting.

Mini wellness consultations: 

A qualified holistic nutritionist comes to your workplace and provide short on-site nutrition and lifestyle consultations to your workforce. Employees fill out a short questionnaire in advance so each consultation is focused on their particular needs. They receive dietary and lifestyle advice to make easy changes benefitting their health.

Please contact Niamh O’Connell for more information 086 104 7417, or use the contact form here to get in touch.