We have suspended all face-to-face meetings at The Wellness Clinic until March 29th according to the Irish government’s guidelines to help prevent transmission of the novel corona virus.

You can view and book our online services (webinars and one to one consultations) at this link here. See you soon!

Individuals: We are still honouring our commitments to our private clients through phone and video consultations, or suspending our coaching packages where needed until it is convenient to return to normal scheduling.

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Workplace wellness talks: If your workplace has to close down we can still deliver our information seminars via group online meetings using Zoom software. This way your staff can attend an online meeting on their phone or computer, ask their questions in real time, view our slide presentations and download our handouts as usual. The only difference is we are not face-to-face. Please contact us for more details.

Family webinar (1)Online webinar: We hosted an online Family Wellness webinar on Wednesday 18th March 2020. We covered: dealing with stress due to the Covid-19 virus, mindfulness techniques to keep ourselves and our children calm and improve sleep, healthy eating and lifestyle tips to help our body’s natural immunity.

Ticket price is 10 euros. If you would like to be emailed the recording please Paypal 10 euros to and you will receive the link.  Thank you and see you soon!

In the meantime we are using the hashtag #spreadsmilesnotgerms to share stories of positivity and community spirit in this period. Join us online and share your experiences!