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Since March 2020 we have been offering all our services online to provide a seamless transition supporting employess working remotely. We can join you via Teams, Skype for Business or Zoom and provide webinars, lunch & learn sessions and virtual coffee mornings to suit the needs of your workforce.

Our most popular webinar covers topics such as: dealing with anxiety due to the Covid-19 pandemic, setting up a work space at home, work/life balance, staying healthy in body and mind while juggling all your responsibilities. We aim to empower and uplift motivation and productivity, while keeping our approach engaging, inclusive and accessible to all.

How does it work? We hold a phone or video call to discuss the needs of your staff at this time. We schedule a time and date for your tailored webinar. We then generate you a personalised digital poster and descriptive paragraph for your in-house marketing.

How long does it take? We have arranged webinars with as little as 24 hours notice, and are proud of our quick turn-around, while providing a personalised service. On the day of the webinar we open the broadcast 15 minutes early to allow for logging on, technical issues and a “breaking the ice” chat, staff really enjoy this and it improves engagement. The slide presentation lasts approx 30-35 minutes and we offer 10-15 minutes Q&A at the end. Staff have the option to ask questions anonymously via our advance email service.

What is the follow-up? After the webinar we email you the PDF handout that accompanies your webinar, your attendee report and the recording of the presentation and Q&A for employees to refer to in the future. We can schedule a virtual coffee morning a week or so later to follow-up and see how they are getting on implementing any healthier habits for body and mind.

Who are your clients? Our clients are mostly Irish-based global businesses with staff numbers from 200 – 800, for example Smurfit Kappa, Beacon Hospital, UCD among others, and we offer package rates if you wish to book more than one event. Please see the following testimonials:


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MIBI Testimonial

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Virtual Staff Coffee Morning

Want to keep your staff connected through Lockdown? We can facilitate virtual coffee breaks during this time for your workplace. Meeting you on your chosen platform, our qualified Nutrition and Lifestyle coach will host your staff while they take a break from the working day, answering any of their queries on self-care, stress management and working remotely that may arise. A fantastic way to keep focused on work/life balance and improve productivity, keep morale up and provide connection and humour to the working day.  Please get in touch for more information using the contact form below.

Individuals: We are still honouring our commitments to our executive clients through phone and video consultations, please use the contact form for more information.

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#spreadsmilesnotgerms: We hosted our first public Family Wellness webinar on Wednesday 18th March 2020. We covered: dealing with stress due to the Covid-19 virus, mindfulness techniques to keep ourselves and our children calm and improve sleep, healthy eating and lifestyle tips to help our body’s natural immunity.