At The Wellness Clinic we offer a bespoke service tailored to help you identify and achieve your health goals through positive diet & lifestyle changes.

During corona virus season we are offering online consultations to private clients and group webinars. Please see this link for appointment times and services.

We can see you at our centre in Dublin city, visit your workplace across Ireland and the UK or meet you on Skype. We are time-efficient, getting results fast for excellent value.

Our functional medicine approach can improve your mental and physical health, improving sleep, energy levels and productivity. Our holistic practice combines with the latest scientific research ensuring a wellness strategy tailored to each individual’s needs. We follow the Functional Medicine approach viewing the body systems as a whole organism and through understanding imbalances healing can take place.

Niamh O’Connell says:

“I have two roles, and I find my clients need them alternately. My first role is as your consultant, providing resources to support your health. My second role is as your coach, empowering you to set and reach your goals.

I understand how challenging a busy lifestyle is, and self-care is often the first area to suffer. Your nutritional needs are different now than 10 years ago, and they vary according to the time of month / year, your immune system fluctuations etc.

Some of my clients book me for one consultation and implement changes themselves. Other clients prefer to be coached through the process.  We can work complementary to your health care provider to support your journey to health.”

Please see our list of the possible clients / conditions who can benefit from dietary and lifestyle changes:

Weight loss / gain / maintenance

Thrush / Candida

Stress management / sleep disorders / anxiety / asthma / headaches / depression

Gut health / Digestive problems / Irritable Bowel Syndrome / Crohn’s / UC

Autoimmune conditions incl. Diabetes, allergies, skin conditions

Fertility support / Pregnancy / Breastfeeding / Labour / Birth

        PMS / PMDD / Hormonal imbalances

Menopause and peri-Menopause


Coaching Packages:

All our available services are at this link , you can view appointment times and book and pay securely via Paypal / Stripe. See you soon!

Our coaching packages for individuals will help you set systems in place to automate your healthy eating, regulate your sleep and hormones, and free up your mental energy for more important tasks, like achievements in your career and quality time with your loved ones.

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Self-care consultations are a fantastic overall look at your current lifestyle. Covering your diet, sleep, stress and lifestyle habits, a personal consultation will give you clarity and actionable steps to improve your health through positive habits. We empower you to make simple changes which over time can vastly improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Book a consultation in our centre on Cork Street, Dublin 8, or arrange one for your lunchtime at your workplace. Email niamh [at]

If you want 2021 to look different you need to start making changes now. We want to empower you to reach your ultimate level of health so you can look and feel your best every day. Contact niamh [at] for more information.

“Niamh is an incredible coach with a wealth of information. This is not your usual recycled health-speak. I feel she is really invested in my well-being and it’s so reassuring how she is always in touch to see how I am progressing.” Grace, Dublin.