Moon Circle / Women’s Circle

UM Moon oct

Our next women’s circle takes place on Thursday 19th October at 7pm in our Cork Street venue, Dublin 8. You are all invited, as are your daughters from puberty upwards, your mothers, friends, aunties etc!

This is a place for women to just “be”. To enjoy each other’s company. We drink tea, eat cake, light candles, laugh, talk, breathe, share silence.

We share stories, wisdom, memories, hopes and dreams. It is a place of empowerment and acceptance. The next moon circle will focus on our role models, who we looked up to as children, who we look up to now, how we are role models for the next generation.

We will meditate, we will relax, we will take time out from our daily lives to come together from all walks of life and celebrate what it means to be female. You can talk, or just listen, your presence is all that is required.

Ticket price is 15 euros each or 25 total for a mother and daughter. Places are limited and ticket sales close at midnight on Monday 16th October, unless we reach our limit beforehand, we have already filled 3 seats.

Please wear red if possible and bring any red scarves, blankets, sheets or cloths to decorate the room. Candles and refreshments are provided. Please bring a picture or a symbol of your role models (ornament, memento, item from nature, anything at all!).

Babies in arms are welcome if they need you at that time of the evening, we try to accommodate new mothers who need this space, as well as women looking to escape from children for a while!


To book please Paypal your ticket price to or phone Niamh 086 104 7417.