Wellness for Schools

Child and teenage health is of paramount importance, with between 26% of Irish 9 year olds overweight/obese (Growing up in Ireland study, 2011) 

At The Wellness Clinic we offer a comprehensive wellness programme for primary and secondary schools all over Ireland.

From healthy eating talks to food demonstrations, mindfulness workshops and educational presentations, we cater for all ages, from students to staff and parents.

Our programmes are tailor-made to suit your needs, and we consult with you thoroughly step-by-step so you know exactly what message is being delivered to your students, and that it will be clear and easy to understand.

We don’t count calories or talk about restricting foods, we emphasise adding in more of “the good stuff” like healthy, plant-based whole foods, exercise, sleep and mental health safeguards. Small but sustainable positive changes lead to long-term lasting improvements, we do not advocate drastic changes or “quick fixes”.

Our functional medicine-based approach sees body and mind as closely linked, so we emphasise an all-round health and wellness approach.

Niamh is a qualified nutritionist and lifestyle coach and an accomplished speaker for the public and corporate sectors. A former teacher at primary and secondary level, she enjoys answering questions and keeps her talks easy to understand, engaging and informative. She advocates quick, nutritious family meals, aiming to get children involved from the meal planning, through the shopping, cooking and the final eating stage. She provides recipes which use local, seasonal ingredients and no expensive “superfoods”. Her recipes are quick to prepare, can be frozen and used in multiple ways, slow cooked, and batch cooked. Her timesaving kitchen tips get even the busiest families cooking from scratch and her talks have been described as “empowering” and “life-changing”.

For teenagers she speaks on a number of topics including stress and social media, diet and skin health, hormone balance and sugar, sleep tips and dealing with exam stress as well as easy meals for teenagers to get comfortable in the kitchen.

Here is a testimonial from a recent client who enjoyed the Seasonal Eating food demonstration:


Contact niamh@thewellnessclinic.ie to organise a wellness talk or programme for your school and let’s make a difference today.