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URBANMAMA: Radical self-care for women – returning Summer 2019!

We are redesigning this course to reflect the social changes and updates in nutrition science. If you have any input for what you would like to see on the course please get in touch via our social media channels, email niamh@thewellnessclinic.ie or fill in the contact form below. See you soon!


We are tired of putting everyone else before ourselves. We are stressed, anxious, burnt-out. We are sick of the pressure to be perfect. We are DONE just “getting by” and never realising our dreams. We are at the end of the line and something has to change.

We are calling you to join our revolution. URBANMAMA is a programme which gives you the tools to care for yourself for a change. We help you get back to the woman you know you are meant to be.

Not a mother? Not a problem. URBANMAMA is for every woman of every age who needs to prioritise herself before she loses her reason.

Part education, part life-coaching, this 6 part programme takes you from losing the guilt through managing your PMT, positive body image, healthy habits, to following your life-long dreams. Laughs and a warm atmosphere make these workshops truly unique.

(L-R) Siobhan O’Neill, Panda Play Cafe, Niamh O’Connell, The Wellness Clinic, Aneta, Alicia and children, winners of competition for 2 tickets to URBANMAMA plus lunch in 2017

Devised after extensive research with working women and stay-at-home moms, this is the programme you’ve been looking for. Empowering you to positive change, one simple step at a time.

If you would like to bring URBANMAMA to your community group or workplace: the full 6 week course including yoga, or just one session,  please get in touch with Niamh on 086 104 7417

Topics covered:

UM progThe Breakdown of each workshop:

Week 1:

Copy of UM_PPC FrontAug2

Losing our guilt around self-care, basics of good nutrition, improving sleep and dealing with stress in a busy lifestyle. This can include a yoga session if required.

Week 2:UMF&M PPC

Live food demonstration preparing three easy mood-boosting recipes. Understanding additives and how they affect brain chemistry. How to set boundaries in your relationships so you free up more time for self-care.

Week 3:

Re-balance PPC

Understanding your menstrual cycle, improving PMT symptoms using diet and lifestyle changes, what foods will help your hormones and how to get the best from your resting hours.

Week 4:

Unwind PPC

Understanding anxiety and sleep disorders, how to care for yourself and avoid burn-out. Recognising your triggers and when to seek professional help. Creative hands-on session practising mindful techniques to counteract anxiety.

Week 5:

UM Accept PPC

“Accept” Understanding Emotional Eating /  Comfort eating presentation, losing the guilt about food, re-framing our attitude to “treats”, and positive body image workshop, leaving with confidence tools to love and appreciate your body more.

Week 6: 

UM Boost PPC

“Boost” Immune-boosting natural remedies demonstration using herbs and spices to beat colds, coughs and help sleep, natural health tips for the family. Life coaching session for you to identify an area you want to improve on with action steps to reach your goal.

We got some great write-ups at our launch in 2016. Read about URBANMAMA in Mummypages.ie here and HerFamily.ie here

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Some more feedback from our URBANMAMA programme:

  • “This should be essential for new mamas, I definitely left with more than a few things/tips to think about – a roaring success!” – Anne
  • “You are such a confident, reassuring & very positive speaker, love your emphasis on being kind to yourself & small steps, and you’re so honest & on the level with people. Well done!” – Siobhan
  • “A wonderful morning of me time” – Gillian

Join us for uplifting and inspiring events in a warm and friendly environment.



Sample wellness pack, you will receive one each week with all the course materials to bring home.



Hosted by Niamh O’Connell, The Wellness Clinic and creator of the URBANMAMA programme. Niamh is a qualified nutritionist & lifestyle coach who has finally learned how to take care of herself while mothering. More about Niamh here.

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See you soon, are YOU ready for the URBANMAMA Revolution?

One-to-One: If you would prefer a private self-care consultation, please phone Niamh on 086 104 7417 for more details or email niamh@thewellnessclinic.ie

URBANMAMA can be delivered in your workplace, community centre or school. Please use this contact form for more information: