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LL, Dublin 8 (private client)

“Niamh has been my fairy guide-mother for the past year!! My partner and I wanted to start a family during the summer of last year (2015). I was quite nervous about my ability to have children because there are fertility issues in my family. I was only 24 and knew that I had a good chance but a little voice in the back of my head was still there telling me that I wouldn’t be able. Niamh was a huge help to me. A guru. A huge support and a font of knowledge.

She educated me about my menstrual cycle in a way that I never knew about. She helped me to know all the physical signs of ovulation and about getting to know my own body. Invaluable stuff. She gave me some great tips about relaxing and unwinding whilst trying to conceive which I found really useful when I was having negative automatic thoughts. My partner and I stopped using contraception at the end of July and I found out I was pregnant at the start of September. AMAZING.

Niamh was a huge support to me throughout the pregnancy giving me so much information and reading about breastfeeding, birth and being a mother. By the time I had nearly reached full gestation, I couldn’t have felt more prepared. I had planned a no intervention natural, hypnobirth but it didn’t work out the way I planned. A lot of complications happened on the day and it led to an emergency Caesarean section. Niamh supported me through it all telling me that I did a wonderful job and that was strong. In that moment, I really needed to hear that!

Above all of this, her breastfeeding advice and support was formidable. After our tricky birth, I found breastfeeding quite challenging because I was in so much pain, shock and trauma after my birth. My beautiful son was so great at it though. A real natural. The midwives kept telling me he had a great latch. For the first few weeks, I couldn’t get my head around how demanding the whole thing was and that there was a tiny person hanging out of my boob for what Felt like 24 hours a day!!

Niamh assured me. She encouraged me. She told me it would get easier. At times, I didn’t believe her. But it did. She would explain what was going on. It could be a growth spurt, it could be comfort, it could be your smell, your warmth. She told me “he’s learning and you are too”. That really helped me. I was absolutely loving it one minute and hating it the next. Kind of like parenting eh? She would gently remind me of its benefits for me and for him and to take it day by day and that is what I have been doing ever since. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Sinead, Dublin 12 (private client)

“Niamh was a brilliant support during my pregnancy and the early days of parenthood. She introduced us to the idea of baby-led weaning and was always on hand to answer questions, I recommend her to anyone needing support as a mother”.

G.D. Dublin (private client)

“Five-star service for her clients, she checked in on me during my coaching weeks and always seemed to be interested in how I was doing.”

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Gillian O’Neill (URBANMAMA attendee)

“A truly inspiring lady who’s knowledge coupled with genuine empathy make you feel so positive!”

Mary Noonan, Community Officer, Dublin City Council  
“Thank you so much for attending and speaking at the Showcase of Talents for over 55’s held in City Hall, Dublin on the 26th September. The feedback for the whole event has been very positive and your fabulous healthy fruit and Vegetable display was so nice. Thank you so much for giving your time and the wonderful talk and advise on leading a fulfilling Healthy Lifestyle through practical ideas of diet, and exercise.

It was a pleasure to meet you and be part of your journey to “Beat the Sugar”, I hope you have continued success with future events. I look forward to dealing with you at any of our future events. Keep up the great work.”

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