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Niamh O’Connell is a qualified Nutrition and Lifestyle consultant based in Dublin, Ireland. She is a member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, a professional mindfulness teacher and holds a BA (Hons) International from University College Dublin. Niamh is an engaging, dynamic speaker who is praised for her clear communication, simple direct speech and ability to build instant rapport with clients.


Niamh has appeared on television and radio and panel discussions on topics related to health and wellness. The Wellness Clinic is a service provider based in Ireland providing corporate wellness programmes and private wellness coaching for executives. We cover all of Ireland and the UK, as well as seeing international clients via Skype. As well as English, Niamh speaks fluent Irish, French, Spanish and Italian.


In her 20s Niamh realised the link between diet, fitness and health and began to change her diet and approach to treating illness in herself. This was consolidated with her Diploma in Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching with the Institute of Health Sciences, Dublin. She is a member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and hold a Professional Certificate in the Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness from the Institute of Integrated Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Niamh maintains professional standards and CPD by attendance at seminars and conferences in the fields of functional medicine, nutritional therapy and healthcare, exhibiting at the Training, Health and Wellness Roadshow in October 2018. Niamh is delighted to be the Self-care Expert for Mummypages.ie here, and has designed a 6 part self-care course for mothers called URBANMAMA, details at this link.

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A mother of three and a breastfeeding and birth peer supporter, Niamh was an active member of La Leche League from 2012 and the The Home Birth Association of Ireland from 2008. Her experience of natural term breastfeeding led to her being interviewed on “Four Live” on TV3 in January 2012 to raise awareness of this topic. She set up the Friends of Breastfeeding Dublin 8 peer-to-peer support group in 2017 in Newmarket Square, Dublin 8. For 5 years Niamh authored the popular “mom blog” The Mama’s Hip (no longer public).


Niamh’s interest in home birth led her to be nominated as a service user on the HSE’s National Implementation Steering Group for Home Birth services in 2016. She is a member of the organic Dublin Food Co-op and volunteered on their administration team. She is a freelance writer for the wellness / health & fitness industry, some of her articles are linked here.

Niamh is constantly broadening her knowledge with self-study, workshops and online courses while she runs The Wellness Clinic. She has had an interest in herbalism since 2011, notably learning with Fiann O’NuallainVivienne CampbellDiann Fletcher Jones and uses it to treat herself and her family. She holds a certificate in Curanderismo (the traditional Mexican healing) from the University of New Mexico, completed in May 2015. She completed the online course: Gut Check: Exploring your micro biome  by University of Colorado Boulder with a result of 92.8% in December 2017.

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Niamh uses her unique holistic approach to support her husband with his Crohn’s Disease, as well as control her own psoriatic arthritis. Niamh made the ethical choice to follow a vegetarian diet in 1990 and continues to this day, though she provides healthy recipes and meal plans to clients which contain meat / fish if required.

Since embarking on a more natural lifestyle Niamh avoids the use of painkillers and antibiotics unless absolutely necessary for herself and her three children. She has supported herself through three pregnancies and home births with natural medicines and herbal remedies. This includes shrinking an ovarian cyst and avoiding a cystectomy, curing urinary tract infections, candida, mastitis, toothache, controlling cold sores and she has most recently healed her pelvic floor prolapse issues with a combination of natural therapies including dietary changes.

Niamh believes mental health is paramount and she understands the link between diet and mood, finally having reached a place of inner peace after a decade of self-discovery and talk therapies.

Please use our Contact form below if you have any queries about how Niamh can help you, or phone her on 086 104 7417.

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  1. Hi Niamh,
    Thank you so much for attending and speaking at the Showcase of Talents for over 55’s held in City Hall, Dublin on the 26th September. The feedback for the whole event has been very positive and your fabulous healthy fruit and Vegetable display was so nice. Thank you so much for giving your time and the wonderful talk and advise on leading a fulfilling Healthy Lifestyle through practical ideas of diet, and exercise.

    It was a pleasure to meet you and be part of your journey to “Beat the Sugar”, I hope you have continued success with future events. I look forward to dealing with you at any of our future events.
    Keep up the great work.
    Mary Noonan.


  2. We met at St. Stephens Green the other day on the playground. Loved visiting with you and reading about what you do. It’s so refreshing to find others that are health conscious and share many of the same ideas towards food and medicine.


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