Organising a Workplace Wellness Week


Have you the task of organising a Workplace Wellness Week?

Feeling overwhelmed?

With our step-by-step guide we can help you create a programme of events that will be received with enthusiasm from staff and management alike.

  • Talk to your HR manager: Find out the problems that need solving, i.e. absenteeism, staff retention, office morale, interpersonal relationships, communication skills, healthy eating advice etc. You want to make sure your programme of events will touch on these issues and any service providers are aware of them so they can tailor your events to suit.
  • Talk to your staff: Ask them what they would like to have programmed, it could be a new sport, some mindfulness techniques, a healthy eating challenge, an outdoor activity… brainstorm all the possibilities.
  • Decide on your dream programme of events: try scheduling them at different times during the week if possible, i.e. lunchtime, early morning, evening.
  • Set your budget. Take into account your in-house marketing, any desk drops during the week, service provider fees, printing costs, extra insurance etc.
  • Finding service providers: Look for service providers who can cover as many of your chosen topics as possible, this helps build rapport between your staff and the facilitators of the events of your wellness week. The more rapport, the better the outcome. The Wellness Clinic provide nutrition, sleep, healthy lifestyle and mental health topics for our clients.
  • Interview service providers in person if possible, if you gel with them your staff are likely to like them too.
  • Allow plenty of time to advertise the events in-house and market them to your staff, to ensure maximum take-up. Be clear about what each session will provide and the benefits to employees for attending (i.e. new recipes / stress management tips etc). At The Wellness Clinic we provide colour digital posters for you to email or print to market events to your staff.
  • Be clear about start and finish times to both service providers and your staff, miscommunication here can cause no end of frustration!
  • Ask for feedback after the Wellness Week, both positive and negative, so you can build on this for next year.
  • Try to maintain the momentum throughout the year with your staff, keeping them on a healthy buzz with sporadic talks and workshops to ensure they continue to look after themselves.