Early Morning Exercise


This is the dilemma of any training athlete, how to get up early to fit in a workout. You have a full-time job, family commitments, a social life and you need to find time to train too. Evenings can be tricky as after a full work day most people just want to come home and crash, you might need quality time with the kids or to prepare for the next day. So getting up earlier to exercise would make sense, but is it possible?

If the average person got up two hours earlier every morning they would gain 30 extra days a year, think about what you could achieve with that extra time. But it is so tempting to hit that snooze button and roll over. How can you motivate yourself to get up even on those darkest winter mornings to fit in a workout before your official day begins? Whether it’s yoga at home, or fitting in a class at the gym, self-discipline seems to be the key to success here. That and a little forward planning will set you up for a new regime where you get more productive with your time.

Let’s imagine you start every day with a coffee, that hit of caffeine gets you going and the whole ritual of making your morning coffee is a pleasure. Could you get a timer plug for the coffee machine and set it to wake you up with the coffee already made? The aroma alone might get your tastebuds tingling and entice you from under the duvet.

Could you prepare your lunch the evening before? Invest in some decent food transport items, whether it’s a hipster glass jar with screw lid for your chopped salad or an old-school lunchbox – you will be glad you can just grab it and go, leaving you more time for your early morning workout.

Laying out your exercise and office clothes the night before will save you essential minutes, no more scrabbling for matching socks. All this forward planning will make your morning routine smoother and ease your getaway to the gym.

Ladies – if you haven’t already learned a five minute makeup routine get one down now. Products that double up will save you valuable time, a pencil that does lips, eyes and cheeks, perfect a winged eyeliner look that will make you look “done” in minimal time. Hair styling can be prepared the night before too. Sleeping with your hair in a high bun will give you bouncy waves the next day and it’s practical for your early morning workout. Bag and keys by the front door, phone charging overnight, and you are good to go.

So with a little forward planning an early morning workout could well be a part of your future. Taking the thinking out of the other parts of your morning routine will free you up to get to the gym with ease.

Now it’s just a question of actually getting out of bed. Alarm clock on the other side of the room is an old trick. No Ferris Bueller-style tennis ball throwing, ok?