Functional Medicine

Dr. Chatterjee of BBC1’s “Doctor in the House”

Functional medicine is a new term for probably the oldest healing art. That of examining a person’s symptoms to find the root cause of illness. Examining a person’s diet and lifestyle and making suggestions for change, including foods and supplements to redress imbalances and prescribing medication where necessary.

Traditionally everyone ate a simple whole food diet. Foods that they grew themselves, or from the locality were the staples, with sugar and exotic ingredients an occasional treat. Nowadays the balance has changed and the local whole foods can be the smallest segment of a diet, with sugars and processed “factory-made” foods in the majority of our diets.

The message that “You are what you eat” and “Let thy food be thy medicine” is sinking in, and we at The Wellness Clinic welcome such media initiatives as Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s Doctor in the House programme on BBC1 which is airing at the moment on Monday nights (May 2017). In this series, Dr. Chatterjee works closely with a family, moving in with them for a short period to see how they eat, how they spend their days, how the illness is affecting them and looking holistically at their lifestyle. In this way he is able to use diagnostic tests constructively and get to the root cause of symptoms.

A ten-minute consultation with a GP is not always enough for them to get a full picture of your health. Your mental health and lifestyle (sleep, exercise, stressors) have a lot to do with how your body reacts to illness, and may not always be considered in a short visit with a doctor. What may be helpful is to keep a note of symptoms in a diary, alongside any sleep issues, dietary changes and stressful events, so your GP can trace a pattern.

Catching changes early on gives a better chance of treatment

Health is something we take for granted until it fails us, and then panic sets in as we try to restore balance. It can take years for a disease to develop, but the warning signs are sometimes evident if we know what to look for. Being familiar with your body and its functions is a good way to notice when changes occur. Digestive disturbances can be a warning, as many diseases begin in the gut. Mental health changes are another indicator of illness, and often overlooked.

As Dr. Chatterjee discovers, sometimes a simple vitamin deficiency can have devastating effects on mental / physical health and can go undetected for years while severely hindering the quality of life. Your GP is a great place to start with a physical exam and blood tests. A qualified nutritionist can help you achieve a balanced diet to support your body so it functions at its best.

At The Wellness Clinic we complete a full diet and lifestyle analysis with every private client, helping us (and you) to see the full picture of your current state of health. If a nutritional deficiency is present we can work with you to correct the imbalance, in the short term by suggesting dietary supplements and in the long term by helping you include foods in your diet which will give the nutrition you need. We empower you to take control of your health.

We want you to feel energised and good in your skin everyday, feeling well enough to tackle life’s challenges and getting the most out of your days. We see clients in our clinic in Dublin 8 or over Skype and offer a free 20 minute consultation, please email for more details.